We clear your criminal record for work and travel four months faster.

Formerly known as Pardon Services Canada, we are Canada's oldest specialized pardon and entry waiver company. With our help, you can Take Back Your Life, and Make More Memories.

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The first-established Pardon & Waiver company in Canada.

A criminal record can hold you back. You may have problems with career, volunteering, travel and social stigma. You’re not alone. One in eight Canadians have a criminal record. In the United States, that number increases to one in three.

You want to put the past behind you, so that you can achieve your goals. We understand. We’ve helped over 100,000 people like you navigate a complex system with ease.

A criminal record can affect your career, travel opportunities, social life and peace of mind.

  • A Record Suspension (Canadian Pardon) removes your criminal record.
  • A US Entry Waiver allows you to enter the US without risk of arrest, deportation or property seizure.
  • A Canadian Waiver allows you to enter Canada freely.

Clear Record

Record Suspension

Enter the USA

United States Entry Waiver

Enter Canada

Canadian Entry Waiver

We help you build a better tomorrow

Your dedicated and knowledgeable team of Pardon & Waiver specialists has assisted over 100,000 people since 1989. Fast. Affordable. Reliable.

Fast Turnaround

Our expedited service will ensure your documents are processed within 24 hours.


Smart Software

Proprietary software program tracks the progress of client files automatically.


RCMP Acredited

We’re trusted by the RCMP to provide fingerprinting services.


Privacy Protection

The Government of Canada inspected our processing location and authorized us to hold your files secure.


Vetted Team

Team members hold degrees or training in criminal law and a Personnel Security Clearance from the Government.



Knowledgeable, courteous team available for extended hours: 6am to 5pm Pacific Time or 9am to 8pm Eastern Time.


Put our experienced team to work for you and get back on track four months faster.

AllCleared is an expert in record processing and border clearing services. Our national service platform features innovative technological solutions that ensure ease, transparency and efficiency.

  • An intuitive 2-minute eligibility program
  • No hassle financing based on your budget
  • A secure online portal that allows you to check the status of your application anytime and anywhere
  • Secure data storage optimized to protect your privacy
  • Vetted staff and file storage areas
  • Partnerships that help your file move forward faster

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